Month: October 2013


This dude SBTG kinda came outta nowhere and ended up making a pretty big impact on the custom sneaker market. When he first started releasing pairs, I really just thought he was a local (NY) dude trying to make a name for himself…the prices on this kicks were comparable to retail prices and I did..

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I got a ticket :(

So, yesterday, I was riding my bike home and ran a stop sign on The Wiggle. A cop on a motorcycle was sitting right there picking people off left and right – he pointed me out and yelled ‘You, COME HERE!’ I pulled up next time him knowing I had no defense (other than the..

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What would happen if blindness passed through like a contagion? What if, all of a sudden, the whole world went blind? It’s the subject of one of the most gripping books I’ve read in the past year…‘Blindness’ by Jose Saramago. It looks like there’s a movie out there, I gotta check that out…

One of the best feelings.

I love it when I make a sale on ebay. I love ‘cha-ching’ my phone makes when I get a payment. I love seeing how much cash I made. Packing up the shoes and affixing the label is always a pain, but… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dropping these boxes off at the post office. I walk..

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Minus the Bear – Infinity Overhead

I don’t know how or where I came across Minus the Bear, but I downloaded their latest album (about a year ago) while stuck in a hotel room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We listened to it quite a few times on that trip…but…any time I hear Infinity Overhead, I think of that hotel room. Anyway,..

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In all seriousness…

I must confess…I have a fascination with North Korea. My fascination started with a Nat Geo documentary, then this Vice Guide to Travel, then a book called ‘Long Road Home’ and another book called ‘Escape from Camp 14’. I’ve got one more in the queue called ‘Nothing to Envy’. This stuff really screws with my..

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The Shining

We watched a very interesting documentary last night about fans of the Stanley Kubrick movie ‘The Shining’. A few of the theories were fascinating…I can’t say I bought them all but…wow. Highly recommended.


Back when I moved to New York in 2003, the day after the blackout, I literally got off the plane after a redeye and took a cab to my Great Aunts house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Even the cabbie had trouble finding Mackay Place. I had met my Great Aunt, once, back in the late..

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In constant rotation since March 2011

If you haven’t checked out Big KRIT yet, I’d highly recommend him (again).┬áDefinitely my favorite *new* rapper since maybe K’naan. If you’ve been around me any time within the past 2 (almost 3) years and asked me about what I’m listening to, I’m sure I’ve told you about this dude. And I’m sure you’ve ignored..

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Eat and Run

Just started this book the other day. It’s basically the life story of Vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek – this dude is the truth. I don’t know why, but when I feel like aspects of my life are lacking I feel the need to read about them as they stay fresh in my mind. Right now..

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Nike quality control

Picked up the other day at NTSF. Didn’t even realize it until Toni pointed it out…gettin kinda sick of Nike. I don’t know if the quality has really gone downhill recently or it’s just something I began noticing when I started picking up other brands.

The Greatest CD store ever

As a kid I spent countless hours in this fine establishment digging through the crates. I went in these places so often (the nearest one was in Reno, NV), that I knew I’d see 95% of what I’d find in the racks the previous week I was there. I knew exactly where to look for..

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