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19 naughty III

20 years since this one came out (and on my Mom’s 38th, to boot). One of the greatest party anthems EVER…I’m sure a lot of people laughed this one off. Classic album nonetheless. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet.


This dude SBTG kinda came outta nowhere and ended up making a pretty big impact on the custom sneaker market. When he first started releasing pairs, I really just thought he was a local (NY) dude trying to make a name for himself…the prices on this kicks were comparable to retail prices and I did..

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What would happen if blindness passed through like a contagion? What if, all of a sudden, the whole world went blind? It’s the subject of one of the most gripping books I’ve read in the past year…‘Blindness’ by Jose Saramago. It looks like there’s a movie out there, I gotta check that out…

Minus the Bear – Infinity Overhead

I don’t know how or where I came across Minus the Bear, but I downloaded their latest album (about a year ago) while stuck in a hotel room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We listened to it quite a few times on that trip…but…any time I hear Infinity Overhead, I think of that hotel room. Anyway,..

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In all seriousness…

I must confess…I have a fascination with North Korea. My fascination started with a Nat Geo documentary, then this Vice Guide to Travel, then a book called ‘Long Road Home’ and another book called ‘Escape from Camp 14’. I’ve got one more in the queue called ‘Nothing to Envy’. This stuff really screws with my..

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The Shining

We watched a very interesting documentary last night about fans of the Stanley Kubrick movie ‘The Shining’. A few of the theories were fascinating…I can’t say I bought them all but…wow. Highly recommended.

In constant rotation since March 2011

If you haven’t checked out Big KRIT yet, I’d highly recommend him (again).┬áDefinitely my favorite *new* rapper since maybe K’naan. If you’ve been around me any time within the past 2 (almost 3) years and asked me about what I’m listening to, I’m sure I’ve told you about this dude. And I’m sure you’ve ignored..

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Eat and Run

Just started this book the other day. It’s basically the life story of Vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek – this dude is the truth. I don’t know why, but when I feel like aspects of my life are lacking I feel the need to read about them as they stay fresh in my mind. Right now..

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The Greatest CD store ever

As a kid I spent countless hours in this fine establishment digging through the crates. I went in these places so often (the nearest one was in Reno, NV), that I knew I’d see 95% of what I’d find in the racks the previous week I was there. I knew exactly where to look for..

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Rich Roll’d

Another great book I recently finished: A pretty fascinating story about a pretty average overweight guy that just decided he had enough of being out of shape. He started eating right (veggies) and started jogging before he decided he wanted to give an ultra-marathon a shot. At 40-something years old. Eventually, he went on to..

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Ma new bike

Given to my by my stepdad…a Dave Scott Ironman Centurion. I think I’m going to be getting a lot of use outta this thing…too bad it’s Laker colors. WWW Warrior 4 life WWW