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A movie star.

A friend of mine told me he was watching a Boston gangster movie called Southie and one of the henchmen in the movie looks just like me…I haven’t seen the movie yet to confirm, but he sent me a pic: The movie, “Southie”, looks like a life-changer:

In all seriousness…

I must confess…I have a fascination with North Korea. My fascination started with a Nat Geo documentary, then this Vice Guide to Travel, then a book called ‘Long Road Home’ and another book called ‘Escape from Camp 14’. I’ve got one more in the queue called ‘Nothing to Envy’. This stuff really screws with my..

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The Shining

We watched a very interesting documentary last night about fans of the Stanley Kubrick movie ‘The Shining’. A few of the theories were fascinating…I can’t say I bought them all but…wow. Highly recommended.