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So today I was walking from work (The Speakeasy) towards the Bart train through Chinatown and saw a dude about my age walking towards me. An Asian guy…with a little pep in his step. As we got closer I noticed he was staring at me, so I kind of glanced at him. As he got..

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Casually carpooling

Since moving to Oakland, I’ve found a new form of commuting that is completely free and reliable: Basically, all I do is go to a predetermined spot (about a 5 minute walk) and I open the door to a car and sit in and and say ‘Good morning’ and I get driven across the bay..

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“I’m…the Batkid…”

Strolled on over to Union Square today to participate in the Batkid flashmob. Like most things in San Francisco, it was incredibly packed and almost impossible to ascertain what was really going on… Great idea, though, and a great execution. It makes me want to work for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Every time I think about..

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The plastic problem

I hate to get all preachy and righteous, but I find these articles and stories about the ‘Great Pacific garbage patch’ fascinating. It seems altogether inconceivable, yet upon further consideration, completely possible. This flashed across my newsfeed the other day and it reminded me of the garbage patch. I remember seeing similar articles (although geared..

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In all seriousness…

I must confess…I have a fascination with North Korea. My fascination started with a Nat Geo documentary, then this Vice Guide to Travel, then a book called ‘Long Road Home’ and another book called ‘Escape from Camp 14’. I’ve got one more in the queue called ‘Nothing to Envy’. This stuff really screws with my..

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Back when I moved to New York in 2003, the day after the blackout, I literally got off the plane after a redeye and took a cab to my Great Aunts house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Even the cabbie had trouble finding Mackay Place. I had met my Great Aunt, once, back in the late..

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Nike quality control

Picked up the other day at NTSF. Didn’t even realize it until Toni pointed it out…gettin kinda sick of Nike. I don’t know if the quality has really gone downhill recently or it’s just something I began noticing when I started picking up other brands.

I’m one of these people.

Came across this article the other day on Google News, basically summarizing the issue we’re having with Silicon Valley startup culture are pricing out historical San Francisco culture. Although I’m struggling too, I am also part of the problem. A problem that I feel has no real solution. There are ways that the city government..

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