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331 West 22nd Ave

I first moved to New York the day after the Blackout of 2003. I think it was around August 15th, 2003. I got off the plane at like 6am after having sat next to some cute chick who hooked me up with a cab ride to Mackay. I literally showed up on the door step..

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Flip 3’s

I love the look of these and have owned probably 7 pairs of III’s…I’ve just never been able to hold onto them for long. I just don’t like them on feet. Not very comfy IMO. I bought this pair for $140, wore them twice, then sold them for $200 a couple of weeks later. Great..

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This dude SBTG kinda came outta nowhere and ended up making a pretty big impact on the custom sneaker market. When he first started releasing pairs, I really just thought he was a local (NY) dude trying to make a name for himself…the prices on this kicks were comparable to retail prices and I did..

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One of the best feelings.

I love it when I make a sale on ebay. I love ‘cha-ching’ my phone makes when I get a payment. I love seeing how much cash I made. Packing up the shoes and affixing the label is always a pain, but… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dropping these boxes off at the post office. I walk..

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Nike quality control

Picked up the other day at NTSF. Didn’t even realize it until Toni pointed it out…gettin kinda sick of Nike. I don’t know if the quality has really gone downhill recently or it’s just something I began noticing when I started picking up other brands.

Air Max Runners

I had a bit of an obsession with runners back in 2005-2007…funny when you look at my collection now because I really don’t have any left – I sold them all. Anyway, I got these 3 pairs on discount…I don’t remember what they were all sold for, but as usual I probably made out OK…

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Another pair from Dan. I barely remember selling these but I think I got around $150 for them. Beat to hell but I could sell water to a whale.


When I first moved to New York back in 2003, the first friend I made was this dude name Dan who put me onto the sneaker scene. Dan was a cool guy and we had a lot of fun times bouncin around the city checkin out the latest kicks. At the time, he wasn’t the..

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