After this past election season, I lost a ton of interest in Social Media. Everyone suddenly became judge, jury and executioner; not really realizing that the more we argue about dumb concepts, the less likely we are to progress. So I distanced myself from them…I’m more of a consumer than I am a creator. So I decided to fire the blog up once again…

Really seems like a place I can get down and post what’s actually on my mind instead of posting shit that I think other people will find interesting. That being said…the past two years have been…rough.

I got a new job and lost it after about a year and a half.

My son turned two.

I had 2 ‘false’ starts with my business.

And we’re still in Oakland, trying to make things work.

Run the Jewels dropped a couple of heaters.

We’ve upgraded our cars.

And I ordered 10,000 pairs of custom shoe trees from China.

I’m working at a theater, part time, as a WP developer and bookkeeper.

And…Obama is no longer in office but that dude Trump won…and…

I dunno. A lot of shit has gone down over the past couple of years and it’s not all gravy. Let’s see if I can keep this up.