So…as I was updating some files for a couple of my sites, my domains (including this one) were firewalled at work. Kind of annoying but I understand. My updates might not be as frequent going forward.

The week was a long one – I got food poisoning on Wednesday night and felt about 11 lbs. lighter the next day – I’m not exactly sure what it was, but I DID find out that one COULD get food poisoning from undercooked beans, which kinda blew my mind (I ate baked/microwaved falafel the same day).

Thursday I took it easy and drank a whole bunch of gatorade and had veggie won ton and some white rice.

Friday I felt better but still not tip top. And for some strange reason, I ate another round of falafel and my stomach was not happy (it was at this point that I found out about undercooked beans being bad for oneself).