I first moved to New York the day after the Blackout of 2003. I think it was around August 15th, 2003. I got off the plane at like 6am after having sat next to some cute chick who hooked me up with a cab ride to Mackay. I literally showed up on the door step of my Great Aunt at 66 Mackay Place in Brooklyn. I remember she showed me my sofa bed at like 7am and I laid down to take a nap. I tried to nap the whole day away because I was terrified that I was finally in New York. I laid in bed sweating the day away. Finally I got up and had to face the fact that I made this decision and now had to live with it. The next few months were…interesting. And I’m very thankful to my great aunt, but I spent a great deal of time trying to find my first apartment.

I found a spot on the westside on 22nd street in between 8th and 9th that was charging only $600/month with everything included. This was a horrid apartment building with a shared bathroom, roaches, mice, perverts, dead people, a dark dank basement…anything you could imagine. My room itself was 8ft by 16ft. The whole apartment with my bed, kitchenette and a closet. At least the floors were ok 🙂 So many gross memories.

Anyway, I was looking through these old pics and saw all these pics I took of kicks I was selling…I only know this is my first Chelsea apartment because of the background in the pics…

DSC00742 DSC00767 DSC00774 DSC00776 DSC00814 DSC00820 DSC00831 DSC00833