I love telling this story because it’s just so ridiculous and nobody ever believes me, but here goes…

When I first moved to New York, I wasn’t up on the whole ‘pay ridiculous prices for limited shoes’ kind of thing. I mean, I figured people did it, I just didn’t know how many people were doing it…and…really…how people got their hands on large amounts of limited kicks in the first place.

This one spring day in June, I happened to walk into a random looking shoe shop in the garment district just below 34th street on Broadway. This dude, an older gentleman, had an assortment of Jordans, BBall shoes and Air Maxes. I saw ONE pair of Dunks in the whole place and thought they seemed out of place…I picked it up and recognized the logo on the insole – it was a Nike SB logo. I called my friend Dan and described the shoes to him…it took him a couple of minutes…finally he says “Jay…Jay…Jay…(pause for effect)…those are the Carhartts…you lucky bastard. Pick up as much as you can.”

The dude had a pricetag of $40 on the kicks, but I asked him ‘can you give me a discount if I buy these in bulk?’ He says ‘sure, how about $25 a pair for 20 pairs?’ Deal. I went back for all 20 pairs and ended up picking up a few more after that deal was struck.

I dragged my first batch back to my apartment – literally my whole NYC apartment in Chelsea was covered in shoes and their boxes:

I eventually went back for all 20 pairs and sold almost every pair on eBay (except for a couple of pairs I gave away – my dad STILL has and wears the pair I gave him). Toni helped coordinate the whole thing by figuring out sales and shipments and etc. she really handled it like a boss. Each pair netted me anywhere from $60-$100.

I thought about it a lot after that day and, after having learned about SB accounts and deliveries, I think that the guy either got an incorrect or a hot shipment and was just trying to move them as fast as he could. I went into that store at least 50 times after that and never saw another pair of SBs on display again. Good dude though. I’d talk with him at length every time I walked in there. Anyway…why doesn’t this type of stuff happen anymore?