Saturday was a good day. I got up early, took a bunch of eBay pics, had a nice omelette for breakfast…watched ‘After Earth.’ Toni and I then went for a bike ride through the park and then the wiggle…then we took a nap. We had be debating whether or not we were going to go this costume party we were invited to by one of my co-workers…neither of us had much interest in it until about 8pm when I started getting dressed. This was my first outfit:
photo 1

Toni wasn’t too keen on me bringing a fake gun to a costume party so I switched it up and donned my recycled Mars Blackmon costume:
photo 2

I drank way too much and didn’t eat anything the whole night. I broke up a potential fight between some dude and a chick he was tussling with (this was actually pretty funny). I remember putting a boombox in the refrigerator when we were leaving. I can’t drink like that anymore.

I had a rough sunday.