I’m not big on keeping up with latest version of expensive things. I bought an iPhone 4 three and a half years ago and it’s pretty much held up for me during that time.

As with most things being used for hours upon hours over the course of more than a thousand days, it’s started slowing down a lot. Sluggish.

So I decided to get a new iPhone 5s. Easier said than done.

Although I went to multiple stores and each store was sold out within minutes of the phones arrival, I finally ‘lucked out’. I called and visited multiple Apple stores and could not seem to lock one down. Yesterday, at lunch, I called and asked if they had any and the dude said ‘Yeah, we have about 25’. I literally ran 3-4 blocks to the store (in about 3 minutes) and asked the first employee I saw if they had any…the dude told me ‘no’. I was pretty angry but I said, “look man, I called less than 3 minutes ago and dude told me you had about 30. I ran down here and now you’re telling me you don’t have any?”

He turns to a colleague and says “do we have any?” and the colleague says ‘yes’. Cool.

So I sit there for the next five minutes while the dude takes all my information, then he says ‘let me go grab the phone’. Comes back out and says ‘oops, there’s none left.’ I look at him and say a few words like “are you f-ing kidding me? This is my third time coming here today I ran down here I blah blah blah blah blah”. Dude says “sorry” and shrugs his shoulders.

I turn around and walk out the door, contemplating getting an android phone. Nothing is worth this kind of hassle. I see this other dude walk out with, literally, 5 brand new 5s’s. I briefly contemplate snatching one and running, when I feel a tug at my sleeve. I turn around and it’s the guy who took all my information – he has my phone. *exhale deeply*

Anyway, long story short – I got a new phone (finally) and it’s ridiculously fast. Really really really ridiculously fast.