Back when I moved to New York in 2003, the day after the blackout, I literally got off the plane after a redeye and took a cab to my Great Aunts house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Even the cabbie had trouble finding Mackay Place.

I had met my Great Aunt, once, back in the late 90’s…I wasn’t even sure of what she looked like. I went up to the door with my two bags and rung the doorbell at about 6am. She came to the door, showed me my room, then went back to bed. We sat there awkwardly for a few minutes trying to figure out how we found ourselves in this situation. I’ve never been a very good planner when it comes to those kinds of things.

Anyway, my Great Aunt loved throwing family dinner parties and frequently had my dad’s dad come up from Philly. My mom’s dad lived just over the bridge in Staten Island, so I invited him over too. We ate some great food, sat around for a while and I made them both sit with me for a picture. I thought it’d be a good picture to send to my folks back home. When you’re a kid, you think that your parents want nothing more in the world than pictures of you…come to find out, it’s just another pic in a box. This pic actually means something to me, though.


That’s my moms Dad on the left, Mr. Thomas Romeo. Me in the middle. And my dads Dad, Mr. James Platt, on the right.

Grandpa Platt passed away during the summer of 2011 and Grandpa Romeo passed away right before Christmas 2012.

Anyway, this pic means a lot to me and I’m glad I had the opportunity to hang out with them a bit before they passed away.