When I first moved to New York back in 2003, the first friend I made was this dude name Dan who put me onto the sneaker scene. Dan was a cool guy and we had a lot of fun times bouncin around the city checkin out the latest kicks. At the time, he wasn’t the best when it came to patience and dealing with eBay – he used to have me sell things for him on the bay. When I was put on to the sneaker game, the hottest kicks in NY were Dunk SBs. Dudes were fiendin for Heinekens, Homers, Bucks, Jedis, Zoo Yorks, AlphaNumerics…anything they could get their hands on. Dunks were 2003-2005. Period.

Dan used to hit up the sneaker releases when I was at work and then he’d ask me to sell whatever he got. He hit me off with a lil commission but nothing really topped the Pigeons.

If you know anything about sneaker history in NYC, you’d remember the Nike Dunk Low ‘Pigeon’ release at Staple NYC in 2005. It was the dead of winter and dudes brought bats and knives to the release. Cops had to come and safely put customers in cabs. The shenanigans at the release actually made the front page story of the NY Post (as did Dan):00000001

Anyway, Dan got his hands on a pair of size 6’s and had me sell his Pigeons a couple months later. We pulled in $900 at the time, of which the winner of the auction actually came to my hood and gave me cash for the kicks. Back then, it an obscene amount for guys like us. A few pics from the eBay auction:

2DSC00203 2DSC00211