Back in 2005 or 2006, Toni got me tickets to see Arrested Development at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM!). It was around Christmas and we made our way from Bay Ridge up to Flatbush and I believe we had front row seats…a couple of things I’ll always remember about this show – first, it was cold as hell and I was dressed in MULTIPLE LAYERS and second, Dead Prez opened up and I got the meanest stink-eye from M1 of Dead Prez (presumably because of the interracial aspect of Toni and I being together). Stink-eye was a recurring theme in our relationship and we noticed it a lot while living in Brooklyn. Anyway, it was a memorable experience for me…


Anyway, the other half of Dead Prez, Stic Man, the dude on the left, has turned from his worldly ways and is now a health nut…he even released an album strictly for working out…Who woulda thought?

And now I present – Stic Man’s “7 ways to eat good while on a hood budget”