Month: February 2014


As I’m sure you’ve heard, an international communications service was picked up by Facebook the other day for $16,000,000,000. 50 Employees. Pretty impressive. I didn’t know much about whatsapp (I still don’t), but I took a look at their blog and read a really cool post called ‘Why we don’t sell ads’. If you get..

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Super Bowl Heroes

The other day one of the few sites I built (from scratch) debuted on/during the superbowl. Analytics showed it received about 100k hits over 2 days…pretty cool (although not much compared to other sites around here). Victory!


So…a good friend of mine got ripped off for a pretty hefty amount through a PayPal transaction the other day. Only thing I’d say as a warning – never ever ever EVER send your payments as ‘Friends and Family’ unless you have ample reason to believe that this person is not going to screw you..

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I watched a few really good movies over the past couple of weeks and they all seem to follow a common theme: black stuggle in America: – The Butler – 12 Years a Slave – Fruitvale Station Although I was pretty engrossed in all 3, I would highly recommend The Butler and Fruitvale Station…Fruitvale probably..

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