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“I’m…the Batkid…”

Strolled on over to Union Square today to participate in the Batkid flashmob. Like most things in San Francisco, it was incredibly packed and almost impossible to ascertain what was really going on… Great idea, though, and a great execution. It makes me want to work for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Every time I think about..

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A movie star.

A friend of mine told me he was watching a Boston gangster movie called Southie and one of the henchmen in the movie looks just like me…I haven’t seen the movie yet to confirm, but he sent me a pic: The movie, “Southie”, looks like a life-changer:

The plastic problem

I hate to get all preachy and righteous, but I find these articles and stories about the ‘Great Pacific garbage patch’ fascinating. It seems altogether inconceivable, yet upon further consideration, completely possible. This flashed across my newsfeed the other day and it reminded me of the garbage patch. I remember seeing similar articles (although geared..

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Sleep types

The older I get, the more I notice how fast time goes by. More things seem to be going through my head and less things seem to be getting accomplished. It’s basically…work…relax…sleep….work…relax….sleep. I don’t seem to have much time for my other interests, anymore, and I can’t imagine having kids will help that out at..

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331 West 22nd Ave

I first moved to New York the day after the Blackout of 2003. I think it was around August 15th, 2003. I got off the plane at like 6am after having sat next to some cute chick who hooked me up with a cab ride to Mackay. I literally showed up on the door step..

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Yesterday Toni and I went to the once-a-month Alameda Antique Market. Quite the spectacle. We walked for hours and hours and didn’t buy a single thing…I think I was just expecting more of a flea market than an antique market. I’ve been a fan of flea markets for as long as I can remember –..

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Flip 3’s

I love the look of these and have owned probably 7 pairs of III’s…I’ve just never been able to hold onto them for long. I just don’t like them on feet. Not very comfy IMO. I bought this pair for $140, wore them twice, then sold them for $200 a couple of weeks later. Great..

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19 naughty III

20 years since this one came out (and on my Mom’s 38th, to boot). One of the greatest party anthems EVER…I’m sure a lot of people laughed this one off. Classic album nonetheless. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet.


This dude SBTG kinda came outta nowhere and ended up making a pretty big impact on the custom sneaker market. When he first started releasing pairs, I really just thought he was a local (NY) dude trying to make a name for himself…the prices on this kicks were comparable to retail prices and I did..

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I got a ticket :(

So, yesterday, I was riding my bike home and ran a stop sign on The Wiggle. A cop on a motorcycle was sitting right there picking people off left and right – he pointed me out and yelled ‘You, COME HERE!’ I pulled up next time him knowing I had no defense (other than the..

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What would happen if blindness passed through like a contagion? What if, all of a sudden, the whole world went blind? It’s the subject of one of the most gripping books I’ve read in the past year…‘Blindness’ by Jose Saramago. It looks like there’s a movie out there, I gotta check that out…

One of the best feelings.

I love it when I make a sale on ebay. I love ‘cha-ching’ my phone makes when I get a payment. I love seeing how much cash I made. Packing up the shoes and affixing the label is always a pain, but… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE dropping these boxes off at the post office. I walk..

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