Bitcoin has been on the mind lately…mostly because of the feverish pace with which it’s climbed over the past month or two…pure madness.

That being said, I made my first BTC purchase earlier this week and boy was it easy. The steps I had to go through:

– I had to set up a virtual wallet

– I had find someone that would accept PayPal for BitCoin

– I was directed to their eBay page, where I was instructed to buy a HotWheels car (a Toyota Supra) for the price of BTC I was buying.

– I had to wait for the HotWheels car to get delivered.

– I had to leave the seller positive feedback

– Finally, the seller released the BTC to my wallet.

– All in all, it took a week for me to get my BTC.

The barrier to entry for this stuff is ridiculously complicated. I’m still kicking myself (to this day) that I didn’t want to go through these steps a year ago when I first learned enough about BTC and it was at $10/per.