Yesterday Toni and I went to the once-a-month Alameda Antique Market. Quite the spectacle.

We walked for hours and hours and didn’t buy a single thing…I think I was just expecting more of a flea market than an antique market. I’ve been a fan of flea markets for as long as I can remember – my dad used to take me to Denio’s in Roseville every chance he could get. I used to look for baseball cards…then comic books…then CDs….then clothes…and now (still) shoes. And when we lived in Cardiff, we used to go to the ‘Car Boot Sale’ in Adamstown. And there was a big warehouse we used to go to in London. And the flea market in Capitola by Santa Cruz at the drive-in theater. ¬†And then when I moved to New York, I discovered the Chelsea Flea Market and the Alphabet City Flea Market and the Coney Island Flea Market and a good number of my shoe finds were scooped at each of those. And then we found this place right over by in SF called the ‘Alemany Market’.

And so yesterday, we decided we were going to go the Alameda Antique Market, which is put on once a month. I had never been to Alameda, but the place reminded me of Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn. Just a massive abandoned air strip in the middle of nowhere. This place was huge and FULL of people…it took us a good 20 minutes to walk to our car from the market itself…it was like an amusement park – complete with food trucks and parking lot shuttles and seasoned vets that knew a lot more about the processes than we did.

I don’t think we’ll be going back any time soon, but an interesting experience nonetheless. Here’s to the best flea of them all – Denio’s!