I purchased a pair of NB M574WCB’s from ebay a few months ago, and when I got them I realized that the sole of one shoe was at least a half inch thicker than the sole of the other. I was pretty pissed off and bummed that I had had spent ebay cash on ebay shoes (meaning I didn’t think I could return them anywhere). Someone on NT mentioned that NB has a great return policy and they ‘stand by their products.’ I emailed NB customer service and they were more than willing to help me out. I thought they’d send me a gift card or a comparable pair (roughly $60-$70 retail). Instead, they surprised me with a pair of M1300 ($150 retail). They’ve been quite helpful with any issues I have and are more than willing to bend over backwards for any potential oversights on their part.

Plus, they have factories in the USA…support ’em!